GERMANY: PR Lighting tours with Glasperlenspiel
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Forming part of the lighting design by Lukas Goldberg and Michael Holstein for these venues were six powerful Beam 5000 moving discharge lights from PR Lighting the brightest moving beam effects in the companys portfolio.

These were supplied by Holsteins company, He was aware that the fixtures contain a Philips MSR Gold 1500W Fast-Fit Bulb, with sufficient power to satisfy all the requirements of both the stadiums and the designers.

Jens Ottenhus from Focon Showtechnic, the Chinese lighting manufacturers German distributors, notes: PR Lighting is starting to get specified on more and more of the biggest events in Germany. One reason for this is the high quality that their fixtures offer.

He said that the combination of features, technical finesse, the use of three gobo wheels and a large colour palette left the 800,000 or so fans who saw the Glasperlenspiel shows in total, with a strong overall impression.

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