BIG BANG & BIG EYE, Bringing Down MasterCard Center On Beijing Concert
Release Date: [2010-06-24]   Total read [386] Times

After the successful Guangzhou Concert on May 30th & 31st,

BIG BANG began their Beijing Station in MasterCard Center on June 5th & 6th.

The group sang the newest song, BANG BANG BANG, which was just released

less than 5 days, as the opening for the concert. Then they sang other new songs

with the fans without accompaniment, like LOSER, BAE BAE, WE LIKE 2 PARTY

and so on. The atmosphere there was just too high!


BIG EYE were sung high praise of by the audiences and hosts of the concert in Guangzhou

& Beijing Station due to its stable and reliable performance. As the supplier of lighting for

BIG BANG World Tour Concert, we, LiteLEES, are highly excited that over 70 pcs BIG EYE

could bring the beautiful visual effect to audiences and add more luster to this perfect show.

BIG BANG will start their Hong Kong trip and hold three concerts in succession on June

12th-14th and then Shanghai (June 19th - June 21st), Dalian (June 26th), Wuhan (June 28th).

What breaking news will BIG BANG & BIG EYE create next? Lets wait and see!

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