SOUTH KOREA: Powersoft enjoys prominence in Club Meca
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Club Meca is Seouls brand new industrial inspired DJ club for the citys young and trendy. Officially opened in April 2015, the club has quickly earned a reputation for celebrity sightings as well as for its thumbing house and hip hop DJ performances.

Club Meca has proven to be an exciting project for distributor DasanSR, who were invited to design the overall sound system in an underground venue within Seouls upscale district.


In terms of the venue itself, the project was appealing because of its location, the interior design and technical requirements. Jeff Na, managing director, DasanSR took lead of this project and was on hand to spec the venue and design the sound installation to complement two separate performance areas within the venue.

The concept of this venue was to provide entertainment to different groups of people at the same time. One area is more intimate and private in the upper level while the ground level features a stage area for DJs and live performances. It was a good challenge for me and I worked closely with the clubs management team to create spaces that allowed separation of music without actually closing off the area.

The installation comprised of a full range of EAW Avalon Club speakers, 2 on each side rigged to a custom system on the main stage and 4 EAW Avalon SUB two powered by Powersoft X8. This 4-way system and the lows are driven with the K3s while the mids and highs are driven by Powersoft K2s.

Within the first week of its opening, Club Meca has sealed it reputation as a top dance club in Seoul.

According to Korean edition, Itaewons largest club, Meca offers some of the best parties with performances by international artists. It may be a nightlife establishment, but clearly an ambitious one with first class chefs for the food and skilled mixologists for the cocktails.

The clubs owners were very pleased with the setup and system design and highlighted that the venue is enjoying a good spell in growth.  

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